Using the CCB Copiers

All of the department's copiers are controlled and billed electronically through the department's server. Below are some simple instructions on how to login and operate the copiers located through the building.
For more detailed instructions please see the document created by the main SAS IT staff.

SAS Copier Quick Reference Guide

PIN Codes

The CCB utilizes a software called Equitrac to electronically track and bill the usage of our copiers. This software is tied into our Active Directory System and requires anyone who wishes to use the Copiers set a personal PIN Code.

You can set your PIN Code by going to the Equitrac Web Portal

Billing Codes

Your Personal PIN code is assigned to one or more billing codes. Billing codes are also needed in order to access the copiers in the Wright building. These codes designate what account to charge. There are already billing codes in place for most professors and groups in the Chemistry Department, but if you would like to set up a new Billing Code, please contact Lydia Haynes or Shirley Engroff.

How to Make Copies

Once you have set your personal Pin Code, and have access to a Billing Code you can begin making copies.

1. Login to the Copier Using your PIN Code then Press Start
2. Enter in the 6 digit billing code
3. Begin Making Copies.

Note: You may need to enter in a billing code before you can scan a document. However, you will NOT be charged for scanning documents.

If have any questions, or are having difficulties accessing the copier please contact the Helpdesk