Polycom Instructions

The department’s Video Conferencing room is configured for both hosting and joining single or multi session video conferences with any IP based hardware video conferencing system. If there any problems getting connected, or if a third party intermediary needs to be used (such as NJEdge) please contact the CCB Helpdesk (helpdesk@chem.rutgers.edu)

Setting up and Powering on the Room

1.     Turn on the Projector using the small white remote.

2.     Turn on the Polycom using silver remote.

3.     Roll out the microphone from the rack in the corner to the table.

Hosting a Video Conference

The Polycom will automatically connect to any incoming calls. The remote site just needs to initiate the connection for the conference to start.

Information to Give the Remote Site:

System Type:

Polycom HDX 8000 HD

IP Address:

GDS Address:


Joining a Video Conference

1.      From the Home screen select Place a Call

2.      In the dialing field, enter the dialing information.

 Dialing Examples:
  — (IP address—include the dots)

 — stereo.polycom.com (DNS name)

 — 19782922854 (GDS Number)

To enter letters, press Keyboard on the remote control.

To delete a number, press Call on the remote to initiate the call.

Call progress indicators appear on the screen to show that the call is in progress. When the indicators turn green, the call is connected.

Switching Cameras in a Conference

The Video conference room has two different camera's to offer different view points during a session. To change the camera that is being displayed:

1.     Press the Camera Button

2.     Select the Camera you want to view

3.     Press the Confirm button the remote.

TroubleShooting Video Calls

1.     Try dropping the call quality from 512 or 384

2.     Reboot the Polycom HDX system

3.     If you are trying to host the call, try initiating the connection instead.

If you have problems after the above steps please contact the helpdesk:

Phone: 732.445.2290
Email: helpdesk@chem.rutgers.edu

Polycom Remote Reference

Polycom Rmote