Network Access

One of the key duties of the IT staff is monitoring and maintaining the data network for the entire CCB. We do not have an open network and all users who need access to the network must be granted access by a member of the IT staff. This is a security measure to ensure everyone using the network is authorized to do so.

With the help of DNS there is no longer a need to statically assign IP addresses for client machines. All client machines are given a dynamically assigned IP address, with a static hostname to ensure easy remote access. This greatly simplifys the administative overhead of managing the several hundred machines in the department.

Gaining Access to the Network

The IT Staff has implemented a new inventory system that integrates with our network security. All machines on the network have detailed information entered into this database, and once entered will be granted to the network. See below on the steps needed to gain access to the CCB network

University Owned Machines

All machines purchased through the unvirsity are inventoried by the IT Staff during deployment and will have access to the CCB network automatically. Faculty and Staff need not worry about having their machines inventoried as this is done for them.

Personally Owned Computers

Students wishing to have their computer granted access to the network much bring their machine to WR-015 to be inventoried. Sending your MAC address to the helpdesk is not an acceptible method of gaining network access.


We allow personal laptops on the network, however, it is important for students to know that while the machine is a personal machine, the network is secure and should be utilized for work purposes. We STRONGLY recommend that students do not use their laptops for research work directly, but instead take advantage of the Department's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This service allows students to save their work securely on the department's servers ensuring that their data is backed up.

All network usage is monitored, and engaging in non-work related activites can result in network privlages being revoked.


The IT staff no longer allows students to bring in desktop machines from home for use on the network unless it can be wiped and placed on the department's Active Directory domain. If you have a desktop machine you wish to use please contact the Helpdesk for more information.