Networked Storage

The IT Staff is happy to announce the ability to give all CCB users server based storage. We currently have over 6 Terabytes of storage capacity on our servers with plans for further expansion. Every member of the CCB is given thier own personal storage space, and all PI  groups are given a larger share that is accessible to all group members.

All CCB users are automatically given a Home Directory (H:) drive as their personal space, as well as access to the Public (P:) drive which is accessible to all users.

Professors, staff, and students are also given access to certain group drives based on their affilliation to easily share information between users.

Utilizing the network storage has many benefits over local storage and external hide drives:

Utilizes your CCB Accounts

Like all services provided by the IT Staff, your sever space is accessed using your CCB Account. This is the same account that you use to log into your local computer so there is no need to remember another account.

All drive mappings and handled automatically during logon. When logging onto any PC, MAC, Linux or Virtual Desktop your network drives will always be available.

Completely Secure and Backed Up 3x Daily

While utilizing external hard drives is an acceptiple means of backing up your important data, they are not failsafe or intuitive. Our servers have redudent harddrives, backed up on three times a day and are fully secured from viruses and hardware failures.

Users also have the ability to restore any deleted/lost file in the last two weeks directly from their computers without the need to contact the helpdesk.

Your Files Follow You

Whenever you log into a machine your network drives will automatically be connected. Your files will be accessible to you no matter what computer you connect to and they are only accessible to you.

Your My Documents Folder is automatically redirected to your home directory. This enables you to save your data to the server without having to change the way you use your machine.

Connect from Anywhere

One of the major benefits of keeping your files on the server is that you can access them from Linux, Mac, or Windows. You can also access them from home if you VPN into Rutgers via a secure connection. You won't have to worry about putting the files on a thumb drive or emailing yourself a file so that you can work on it at another computer.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a group share please contact the helpdesk.